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Tranquil Meditation Kit

Tranquil Meditation Kit

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Our Tranquil Bath salt is packed with essential oils known to relieve headaches, soothe sore muscles, and relieve sinus congestion

Ingredients: Black, White & Pink Sea Salt, Epson Salt, Baking Soda, Lavender Buds, Chamomile Buds, Eucalyptus Leaves, Olive Oil, Argon Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oil(s): Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Chamomile Oil

Size: 8oz

 mindfulness meditation kit


Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Argon Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil

Essential Oil(s): Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil

Size: 2oz

Stones Include:Amethyst: The Master Healer, is a high vibration stone that is greatly beneficial in reducing pain. This crystal can help reduce pain from arthritis, migraines, injury, or metabolic issues. Amethyst helps in managing and reducing the pain or discomfort. Amethyst is also beneficial in reducing stress and overcoming insomnia. Place or wear an amethyst stone over the area of pain and hold in place or secure with tape.Labradorite: is useful to the lungs and may support with few respiratory problems such as bronchitis and colds. It helps out in regulation, digestion, and metabolism. It has been used as a cure for the eyes and brain-related disorders. It also stimulates mental acuteness and reduces nervous tension and apprehension. Labradorite may also prove to be comforting during menstruation and PMS symptoms.  It is also a pain reliever and also a therapy that reduces blood pressure, colds, rheumatism, and gout.Citrine: This stone is very adept at helping you to overcome physical illness and aid you in entirely preventing it from taking hold in the first place. The energies of Citrine crystals will give you inspiration and increase your energy and drive, helping you to pick up the broken pieces and start over fresh. Citrine carries the powers of the sun. Therefore, if you want to feel sunny and cheery again, make sure to have your Citrine crystals with you.Bloodstone:  invigorates the system, boosting energy levels and increasing endurance in physical activity. It is beneficial for everyone from athletes to exercise  for its steady vibration of purification and well-being. Use as a good luck charm for sports competitions or matches.  An excellent stimulator of the immune system use Bloodstone to ward off colds, flu, infections and inflammation. It is also a remarkable aid for revitalizing and re-energizing the body after illness, injury, or physical exhaustion. Clear Quartz: While Clear Quartz buzzes in the emotional and spiritual space, it also brings a whole host of health benefits to those craving some physical healing. The clear-eyed stone is a marvel when it comes to stimulating the immune system, kickstarting your metabolism and even helping in matters of weight loss. With its water-like clarity, it is highly effective when it comes to ridding the body of toxins too. 


  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quarts
  • Bloodstone
  • Citrine
  • Black Tourmaline


Not intended for Human Consumption

Melting Point is 90°F

Store in Cool, Dry Place

Test on Small Patch of Skin Before Use


*Comes with Four Candles, a Wooden Spoon, and Five Stones*


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