Our Story

       It all started not long ago, out of my own struggles taking care of my sensitive skin. I found it hard to find products which I could trust to be truly vegan, natural, and safe. I wanted to create products that were trustworthy and honest about the ingredients so that others wouldn’t have that same struggle, and that’s how the idea of creating my own brand started.

        This business was built on the belief that personal care shouldn't be tedious or bothersome, but fun and inspiring. It has always been our main aim to remove the classic stigma of seeing skincare as a boring obligation, and turn it into something exciting, so that you can look forward to that moment of the day where you take some time for yourself, and immerse into the relaxing and pleasant ritual of self-care.

       We believe change starts with the consumer, and the way they decide what they buy. This is why we are committed to ONLY producing products that are Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, and formaldehyde free. With us, you can start making safer and healthier decisions for you and your body today. 

       Making your life healthier is what got us started, and we feel very passionate about it. That’s how Cre’A’s Love Butter was born.

Small steps make a big change, let’s get started!