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History In The Making

I was known as “Lady Bug” because I had little dry spots on this little round fat face as a teen.  Once I had to become conscious of my health, I realized that it was not only the food I ate, but also the chemicals that I was putting on my skin. My family would ask me to make it for them for free, so my husband, Andre suggested that I sell it and three years later, here we are! Cre’A’s Love Butter started with the intent to educate people about the importance of skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ on the human body. My barber, Rick, had given us the opportunity to have a spot in his shop to sell our body butters. From there, we began going to several barber shops and beauty salons within 100-mile radius every weekend to sell our products.  This was our way of seeing if our product could actually become a brand. People started calling us back for more and with updates about what it had done for their skin, scars, and even pain. We also offer essential oil infused body butters. During one of our routes one weekend, a lady stated, “if I like your product, I’ll call you.” About three weeks later, we received a phone call with the opportunity to vend at her church. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of selling our product at different events every weekend.

A fun Fact about Cre’A’s Love Butter, We have yet to have a bad review! This is how we know that our hard work pays off, and we genuinely please our Love Junkies! (family/customers)