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All Your Questions Answered


What’s the difference between your products for the face and products for the body?

  • Our all natural butters are for the face as they do  not have synthetic oils. All of our all natural butters have organic essential oils. For the body, we created butters infused with fragrance oils.


I don’t know which scent to try, they all sound so good! Do you have a “sampler BOX” where I can buy a bunch of your 2 oz varieties to try?

  • All of our fragranced butters come in 2, 4, and 8 oz  sizes. However, if you would like an essential oil infused 2 oz butter please contact us for a special order. We are here to please you!


Is it possible to order your products in bulk for wholesale pricing if I wanted to carry your line in my store?

  • We do offer wholesale pricing. please email us at Cre'A@creasLoveButter.com


Is your business certified as a black owned business or a woman owned business?

  • Cre'A's Love Butter is a family owned business and we create products that serves the whole family. Man, Woman, and Child


I have dark spots on my skin, which products will help with my hyperpigmentation?

  • For hyperpigmentation, we've created body butters infused with essential oils. These butters are created with citrus blends. Citrus essential oils are known to assist with hyperpigmentation.


Which products are safe for infants, toddlers, and children?

  • We recommend our all natural butter with no fragrance. However, lavender, chamomile,  and eucalyptus has been known to help sooth babies. Please also test product on a small patch of skin to be sure that your children are not allergic to the oils.


I can get moisturizer anywhere, even the dollar store. What makes your product so much better?

  • Our products are handcrafted, never tested on animals, our all natural butters are nonGMO, no parabens, we use organic shea butter and oils, we filter the raw shea butter to remove impurities and we make our very own aloe vera oil.  


Is there a significant difference between your products for men and products for women?

  • Our female butters are more feminine.(floral and sweet scents). Our male butters are more masculine.(Musky)


Are your products tested on animals?

  • We believe that human product are not meant for animals, and feel that animal testing is cruel. Our product are not and will never be tested on animals.


I have eczema, which one of our products are safe to use?

  • Our of all natural body butters are safe for eczema, but we do have Love Junkies that also use the fragranced infused butters.


What is the difference between the fragrance infused products and the essential oil infused products?

  • Fragrance oils are synthetic man made oils and essential oils are made naturally from the plant and/or fruit.